Validate, Build & Grow Your Ideas
into Compelling Digital Solutions

Whether you have an idea or an existing product, mmtm have a set of services that are focused on delivering both measurable and delightful results.

Everything we do is centred around meeting the needs of the end user – the technology we use to solve your challenges comes second. 💪

Web App Development

Our customers often come to us with scenarios such as data they wish to unlock or or perhaps to bring order to a chaotic and disorganised workflow.

Our experienced developers write efficient and test-driven software that is scalable and sustainable. We develop software in sprints of work that allows our customers to focus in on deliverables and iterate based on their users’ feedback.

We often use the Ruby on Rails framework that allows us to jump-start development work and reduce the cost of managing the platform. This enables us to bring solutions to market in condensed timeframes.

Service Integration

Integrating existing third-party platforms into your application and workflow can be incredibly efficient and cost effective.

We’ve integrated a multitude of third-party services including payment systems, mapping service and CRMs into both mobile and web applications.

Customer Insights

Understanding how your digital services are performing is vital to ensure you’re following your customers’ requirements.

We have a series of capabilities including, running user workshops to get direct feedback, A/B Testing systems, advanced analytics and behavioural analysis.

Additionally, when looking to optimise your service for search engines we can help you develop a strategy around your content, along with the technical cornerstones to ensure your potential customers can find you.

Idea Validation

Our Product Design Sprints provide a framework and toolkit for identifying problems, removing assumptions and building confidence in your vision. They also offer a great starting point for a formal development sprint.

The end result is a set of deliverables: a series of storyboards, prototype or a product roadmap. We’ve successfully used our capabilities to produce a prototype to get approval for a new initiative from a multinational organisation.

Digital Design

Our digital design process is centred around empathy.

We work with you to develop personas of your customers and a content strategy to meet their aims. Starting with a set of wireframes, we test their effectiveness allowing us to iterate quickly and hone in on a refined and intuitive content structure.

We then build out a design that works and looks great on small devices all the way up to large screens if on the web, or optimised for the device you are targeting if native. We’ll also develop a strong visual imagery that represents your values.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps represent the ultimate for a consumer: leveraging all the benefits of a native experience and direct access to hardware including push notifications and in-app purchases.

We use Apple’s Swift programming language which is modern and safe and have built backend APIs for managing the mobile applications.

We’ve built both iPhone and iOS apps for both consumers, accessible in the App Store, and enterprise B2B programmes that deploy through MDM services.